Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rotary Fundraiser for Barney

SALES CLOSE AT 5PM on 9/8/09

The Rotary Club of Farmington presents "Lobster on Main Street" 71 Main Street, in front of the Barney Library, Sunday September 13, 3 to 6 pm, Rain or Shine.

Various meals available, Lobster $30, Steak $30, Surf&Turf, $45, Kids Meal $5.

Proceeds will benefit the Barney Renovation, Hope Day School in Sierra Leone & the Farmington Fire Department. Tickets available at the Farmington Library or call 647-0020 or 677-8484 for more info.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tag Sale

The Barney Library Tag Sale will be Friday, August 28 and Saturday, August 29 from 9 am to 2pm. For residents to discover a treasure or retrieve a piece of Farmington history. All proceeds go to the Barney Renovations and Additions Project Fund.

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